The formation of the CCA and the provision of a village hall began when a planning application for a village hall was submitted in December 1973. The permission was granted in August 1974 and building began after the money was raised locally & with grants were received from local authorities.

In 1997 a fire destroyed part of the building, this meant that the hall had to be closed whilst the damage was repaired. The Pre-School had to temporarily relocate to another hall, as did many of the other regular users. The hall was repaired and whilst it was out of action the CCA took the opportunity to make some alterations which included moving the storage area and creating the small hall / meeting room. The changing rooms were also constructed at this time.

In 2000 a lottery grant was achieved and many of the facilities were upgraded including a new heating system, a new suspended ceiling, new double glazing, and a new floor throughout. The toilets were upgraded and disabled facilities added.

We continue to improve the hall and in recent years we have installed a new kitchen, provided secure lockers, modernised the entrance lobby, and replaced most of the light fixtures with energy saving LED units.